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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Goals

I am starting to get into a routine around here, which is nice, as it helps so much with getting things accomplished.

So last week's check in:
Blog Daily- I missed Friday, because it was such a busy day for me.
Exercise in some fashion each day- Check! The only week day I didn't make it to the gym was Wed, in which Lorelei and I went walking. Pretty awesome.
15 minutes each day cleaning SOMETHING in my house- I did most days, and got the hosue mostly cleaned up, at least decent enough to have people over
Try my best to get my darling daughter to STOP crawling out of her bed and stay in bed when we put her down for the night!!-this is still sucking. I wind up laying in the bedroom for up to half hour each night. If anyone has ideas that work, feel free to pass them on :D

This week's Goals:
Blog at least 6 days.
Work out each weekday.
Clean 15 min each day

What do you hope to accomplish this week?


  1. My goal this week is to go through ALL of our clothes (family of 6) and donate at *LEAST* 3 garbage bags full to charity. I'm never caught up with laundry and I know that paring down what we all have will do WONDERS for me! lol!

    As for your dd crawling out of her bed, while mine are little a baby gate goes up in their bedroom. So they can get up and wander, but they always end up back in bed.

    Good luck with your goals!

  2. Great goals! I hope you reach them this week!

    I photo tagged you on my blog. Come check it out and play along. Happy Monday!