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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bloggy Giveaways

One thing I absolutely love about the blogosphere is the giveaways. That is what truly got me going, after I started watching a few here and was the giveaways who got me.

I confess that when my daughter was a newborn, I entered literally hundreds of giveaways a day.

I thought I would start something here, once a week, I will make a post of blog giveaways that I'm interested in. I will edit the post as I find more and more giveaways, that way I'm not flooding you all with them. I know that that usually drives me insane.

First off, because Alice In Wonderland is coming out, and that is beyond awesome, STL Mommy is doing an Alice In Wonderland Giveaway! So head on over there and enter...and if you win, come let me know too!

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