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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Mission

It has been a hard week in our home, but in a positive way, really.

I have been spending much time with family. My mother has been recently diagnosed with a few new problems, nothing life endangering-only life changing.

Do you ever notice that when life takes a turn, it becomes harder and harder to remain frugal sometimes?

I want to tell you one thing I have been doing in a frugal manner this week. I have been working on Easter baskets. I am buying for my daughter this year, and also my sister and I agreed to make baskets for eachother's children.

I have bought a few things, most from the dollar store. I found a small bubble thing for this summer, garden "tools" for when I bring my daughter outside while I'm gardening this summer and other such summer things. Our local dollar store has some wonderful options right now-I do suggest trying yours out if you are a dollar store person.

Another thing that occurred, is my nephew was here yesterday and got ahold of 2 permanent markers. The affected room? The room I spent a ton of time on for my daughter. I was close to crying. He got her toys, a dresser that was her daddy's when he was a toddler, the toy box her great grandpa made her, her bed...and the pillow her grandma cross-stitched for her. I was so very upset.

Our first idea was vinegar water-we use it for a ton of cleaning around our house, I find it works better than most cleaning chemicals. It didn't do anything for it. I remembered that last June, I found a coupon for those magic erasers for buy one get one free, so I sent my hubby to grab a couple, and inch by inch, they removed the marker from everything non-porous. My brother in law remembered from one of his jobs that they used marker on almost everything, and rubbing alcohol to remove it.

I am not kidding, with a toothbrush and rubbing alcohol, we got all the marker off the pillow!! We than hand washed it and laid it out to dry.

It is now dry and you can't tell it was ever touched-most of our stuff is that way! So, if you have little ones, I definitely suggest to have the magic erasers on hand and rubbing alcohol!

One more thing before I release you from my grips! Since my daughter was born, I have struggled with some acne type issues. On my cheeks, near my ears I get red blemishes and small zits around them. I also get many zits around my lips. I have never dealt with this before, so my mission for you is to find a frugal way to help get rid of this. Tell me what you use and how well it works. Where do you purchase it?

Hope all are well!

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