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Thursday, March 4, 2010


It is no secret, my husband and I are receiving some help to get by while he is unemployed.

One of the programs that is helping us is requiring us both to go to several classes to help get into today's workforce and boy, I can only remember one time I was this tired in my daughter's life. That's when she was newborn and waking several times a night. We are getting up at 7 am every morning and sitting in intensive classes to write a resume that will work best in today's jobhunting. Tomorrow, we will be going over interviewing skills.

I won't lie. I don't want to go back to work. (and my husband supports this). However, this is required for us to get by right now. It is not easy or me, I am already having a very difficult time each night when I pick my daughter up from my sister who is kind enough to be offering us child care services.

My normally loving, cuddling daughter wanted nothing to do with me today when I picked her up.

While I'm happy that she is doing well with all of this...I am not. I am hurting because of this.

I can't wait until my husband finds a job.

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