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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Patience Pays

I have said this once and I will say it again and again, patience pays.

We have been searching for a second used car for us. Our budget, compared to what it would get you a few years ago, was TINY! We were hoping for $600 but able to go to $1000. I have been sharing my husband's car for the last 2 years. It has done well for us, however, since my father in law went into treatment in October, we have enjoyed the use of his minivan in addition to our own car. It has been wonderful for my daughter and I to get out during the days and do stuff. My husband is also the type that doesn't like to leave much when he returns home from work, so if I can do the shopping during the day, we are both happy.

I have been scouring and craigslist for a few months. At first, I was just looking to see if it was possible for us. The hope looked slim, we learned that when we were ready, we would have to watch closely and when something came up that we were interested in, jump on it FAST.

Yesterday, we drove 40 miles round trip, to get there and find that someone got there just before us and opted to buy.

Today, I watched Craigslist very closely.

This lovely little car came up at $750. We made it to test drive it, and though it needs a few things eventually, it was in great shape for it's age.

Even better? We talked them down to $600! Thank you tax return.

Tell me about a lovely deal you've gotten recently.

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