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Monday, March 22, 2010

Trying New Things

Today, my husband had an interview. Can we say woohoo?! It was through a temp agency, but it's a start.

So his interview was in an area that we don't normally get out to. It is not a direction we normally drive in so it just seems so far away (even though it really isn't). So, our daughter and I went with him. He dropped us off at an outdoor mall and we wandered-for those that don't know, in my area the weather is absolutely gorgeous today! DD loved it. As we went down those little ramps on the sidewalks, she'd say "wee!" As wind picked up her little hairs, shed giggle.

It was adorable.

Anyhow, I kept hearing that Trader Joe's was a simply fabulous store and the only one reasonably close was in that area. So we agreed that after Mr Scratch got done interviewing, we would meet there and look around-and find out what the fuss was over.

So, I asked around to my online friends and found people that shop there regularly. I was told to get their pizza dough, and their pizza sauce. I was told that really anything they sell is to die for.

We wound up going a little crazy there. But the dough-so fresh! So doughy! So soft! SO STINKING CHEAP! It was only $0.99!! And we got so much else, the pizza sauce, I got cashews (one of my fav snacks but usually what I find is either too salty or overpriced)-they had a lb of unsalted for only something like $3.50! We got juice, we got breakfast options for the little one-we got SUSHI (for lunch). I'm not kidding, 8 normal sized pieces of California roll style sushi for $3.99!

They were demonstrating Lobster ravioli and lobster bisque sauce, and let me tell you, I don't like lobster, but for free, heck I tried it--and I liked it! So we got that for a special night.

Our sushi, on the way home was simply fabulous! So far, I must say that I am very impressed, Trader Joe's. If this kind of quality (with healthier food and cheaper prices) continues through what we have purchased today, the Scratch family WILL be back.

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