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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another Home Improvement thought

With my husband laid off, we have all this time on our hands.

So, we've been doing some of the projects that either I can do, but need his help watching the kid, or have been on the list forever.

One of the tips I received from my MIL to me, and I would like to pass onto you is really quite ingenious and simple...

Mistinted Paint

I'm not kidding. We go to Lowe's or Home Depot (and sometimes even Walmart has some decent ones) and just check out the paint that they tinted wrong for someone else. What was someone else's "2 shades too dark" could be your perfection.

We just did this today...I've been wanting to do my living room in a sage green. I've been fiddling with colors on the know the routine, pick up one of those paint chip samples, tape it to the wall, decide you hate it, leave it there until you decide on a different color, than take ALL of them off the wall, curse yourself for leaving them there in the first place and start painting.

Well, when you have a specific color in mind, sometimes it can take a lot of stops. We never go on special trips for these cans of paint. But if we pass, say, Lowe's and have some extra time, we may quickly stop in and check what they have.

Today was one of those days. We stopped into Lowe's and I looked and they had a great shade of green for my living room...a gallon of it for $5! That would have normally been about $22!

So, our housewarming party is on the 7th, do you think I can get my living room in order before than?

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  1. I had a comment all ready for this yesterday and my internet froze! Ugh!

    We painted our living room right before Christmas last year. I think my husband was adding a second coat on the 23rd ... painting around the tree! So, yeah, you got lots of time. :)