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Monday, February 1, 2010

What Types of Things Can I make from scratch?


You can make anything from scratch that is a compound product. When I say compound product, I mean that a company somewhere in the world takes two (or more) ingredients and combines them to make something else.

For example, noodles. I can't teach you to make flour, as that stretches WAY beyond my resources, however we can combine flour and water to make a basic noodle. Oh yes, noodles can become more complicated than that, you could add eggs for an egg noodle and even flavor them. But majority of your noodles will say they are flour and water. There may be a few extra unpronouncable ingredients, but those are usually preservatives. If you're using your new found noodles that day, there is NO need for preservatives.

That being said, we have a few ventures we intend on trying, or have tried...

We make our own biscuits and tortillas.
We intend to make our own noodles (when the stash is low), doughnuts and more.

We also can once a year. Canning is a joy of mine that is a WHOLE other topic. However, from our canning last year, we got salsa, apple pie filling, apple ice cream topping, apple butter and apple sauce.

This year's canning will be bigger. We are going to have time to plant our tomatoes sooner, which will give us the ability to do SO much more. We hope in that will be tomato sauce, salsa, pasta sauce, maybe some tomato paste...

But, I have a wonderful book on it's way to me. We found a deal on the canning book I borrowed from the library and used last year (and LOVED!) so it's coming so I can figure out what I'd like to make so I can plan the garden for the year. When I have that all figured out, I will be making a post and sharing that with you all.

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