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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Home Improvements

My husband and I save a ton of money on our home improvements by simply doing most things ourselves. When we need more shelves, we run down to the home improvement store of our choice, have them cut down the cheapest available wood that will work for our situation, and head home, and put up our shelves.

Last night, we were working on such a project. My daughter's closet is more than a 16 month old needs so we were trying to put up shelving on one end for my canning and for extra small appliances that we use occasionally.

That is where it all went wrong. My brother in law was over helping and drilled right through the waterline. 5 minutes after the nearby hardware stores had all closed up for the night. It was frustrating, we had to have all water shut off to the house to avoid flooding my daughter's room, and it is still shut off. Fortunately, there is a cheap way to fix it. Looking at it, I was afraid they were going to have to go purchase a whole line of copper piping and run it all the way through, fortunately they are able to just patch it for a few bucks.

Anytime we do any "DIY" projects though, we try to have a few buck "just in case" for times like this. Things go wrong. It is a part of life. If nothing had gone wrong, we would have allotted that fund to something else if we needed later. However, we do not have to "break the bank" to fix it because you always need to plan ahead.

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