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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Why Don’t You Cloth Diaper?
The short answer is this It’s not for us.
I won’t lie, laundry is somewhere where I fall short. I don’t sort my laundry, I forget to fold it, leaving it instead to be grabbed from the dryer as needed. It is one of the most forgotten chores in my household. We essentially undress into the washer and just turn it on when it’s full.
So, if we cloth diapered, I would have to deal with that. Also, my stomach churns at the thought of all of that bodily waste in my washer…you know, where my clothes go too?
I am sure that many people are going to tell me that their clothes are just fine-and I am sure they are!
I just can’t bring myself to do it. Besides, for out and about purposes, we would have to often tote dirty diapers with us and I can’t bring myself to do that. For me, in this case, it is one or the other, I cannot purchase a ton of cloth diapers and have some disposables “ready when I need them”. I am sure that my daughter’s sensitive bum would appreciate them, but she does fine with disposables, why change that.
I know that many would possibly retort with the cost of disposables and while they are not cheap, it partially depends upon your diapering habits as well as what your child and you will tolerate.
When my daughter was born, the hospital gave us Pampers. She got a tomato red rash immediately. What a way to begin life! We quickly figured out it was likely Pampers’ perfumes and the hospital began to provide us with Huggies Snug & Dry. I was nervous to try anything perfumed at that point. So we used Huggies at first. My sister had luck with Pampers and White Cloud diapers. White Cloud leaked tremendously for my daughter. Target worked well though.
Currently, what we use depends on coupons and sales. Whatever is cheapest when we need them. Usually it’s Target’s Up & Up brand or the Luv’s. I like that if I save my receipt and the UPC off the box, and we have trouble with Luvs, then they will refund our money. Up & Up have never proved us wrong.
What did/do you use to diaper your child?


  1. I was SURE that we would cloth diaper. It was way too much work for me, and they stunk, and by the time I bleached the crap out of them, I decided it just wasn't that much greener!

    We love Huggies because they don't smell like chemicals!

  2. Disposable all the way. I was a working mom for the first two, so cloth was not an option. After the 3rd I quit to be a SAHM and I considered cloth, but I just couldn't bring myself to deal with all the mess. I tried all the name brand disposables and a few generics and settled on Huggies. They just seemed to be the best for us.