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Saturday, February 6, 2010


It is late, and I have a migraine coming on. However, I wanted to share some thoughts with you guys. I will likely elaborate more on this at a future date, but for now...something at least should be in order.

I grew up in a family where we did big Christmases and a few gifts at birthdays.

My husband? He grew up in a family where they got a few random gifts through the year (until he was 17) and that was that.

As I have grown up (much as we all hate to grow up), I have noticed my mind changing. I would much rather be closer to his family's ideal than my own on this. I know this is becoming a trend, but I swear, I thought of this before the trend started (teasing...or am I?)

I love to shop for my daughter-it's even better when I find deals. But, I remember when I was a young girl...on Christmas morning, we'd get so much stuff that we would load it into our rooms-with no where to put it and than most would literally sit. Why would I want to waste my money like that, despite what the media tells me that I should do? Already a few of our daughters' Christmas present toys are by the wayside, played with less and less as days go on. My nephew? I'd say it's almost worse for him-his birthday is 2 weeks after Christmas. Ouch.

I also don't see a need to buy a bunch of dollar store junk to make filler. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the dollar store, but if it's something she's going to just break in a week due, is it worth even one dollar? Probably not. Will she know she didn't get it? Probably Not.

It is very hard to change this mindset for me. I love recieving gifts. I love giving them. I love the spirit of the holiday and birthday seasons. On receiving, we took the first step this last holiday season. Andrew and I bought one gift for each other. We also bought one gift "from Lorelei" for each other. We had dollar limits on this as well. And our holiday was awesome. I was able to make a spot of breakfast rather than concentrating the WHOLE time on gifts. I received a much needed memory card for my computer from Andrew, and Lorelei got me a digital photo frame. We each got Andrew some books he wanted. It was a blast

Gifts are not what makes the world go round. They are a lovely addition to life. But the biggest gift I got this holiday season? The joy on my daughters' face when we all sat together as I read her her night time story. The joy on her face as she opened a toilet seat for potty training, because I won't lie, we couldn't afford much this year so some things like that went as "Christmas gifts". Do you know how many things a 15 month old can use a "potty seat" for? It's cute! Or another favorite? The joy when both Mommy and Daddy picked her up from her crib that morning.

What they say is true...

The Best Gifts In Life Are FREE

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  1. I like your blog and wanted to follow a fellow frugal blogger starting out. I know how it feels to get your first follower. :-D

    This holiday season we also minimized. We did not get our 2 year old any gifts as grandmas and aunties and uncles got him enough gifts that he really did not know the difference. He's not old enough to know that he is "supposed" to get a gift from us. I think too many gifts makes kids not appreciate the gifts they have.
    Oh, we didn't get our 4 month old any gift either, because he has no clue, so why waste the money?
    For my husband and family members I made gifts from scratch. I sewed my husband a gardening/tool apron, made my sisters in law some bath oils, made my mother in law a tea set, and made my neices and nephews sets of bean bags.
    You know what? I think they appreciated it just as much.

    My birthday and my husband's birthdays are coming up in february. We won't be exchanging gifts because it isn't in the budget, unfortunately.
    That doesn't mean we love each other less, it just means there is less money to go around.

    P.S. I have a confession- i do use dollar store "toys"- but only as last resort bribes. I don't buy it to last, I buy it for the immediate effect.