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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

An Update to Fajitas

As promised last night, we made our own tortillas.

We are still in the habit of making our own, so it was halfway through frying the steak for our fajitas that I realized I needed to make them.

As I said, we used Penniless Parenting's recipe-and it went well! Amongst our first postings, we tried the recipe found in Under $1000 Per Month. It went well, though we were uncomfortable with the amount of shortening in it. Penniless offered up their recipe and we finally got to try it!

Instead of reprinting the recipe, I would like to direct you over Vegan Tortillas by Penniless Parenting

Our only problems were that it was hard to roll them thin enough and they'd shrink back down as I rolled them. However, they worked well for the food. I am toying with ideas to add some flavor to my tortillas, as I always did like the jalapeno ones at the store and other odd flavors.

Do you have another tortilla recipe for us to try? We'd be delighted!

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  1. Hey I have recently discovered penniless parent and she is awesome... She also recently posted a Yemanite bread that looks great.

    As for flavored bread you can look at my Curry Tortilla recipe. This also works well using spinach and cumin and a bunch of other combinations....

    As they don't use any shortening it's best to roll them hot but they cook really quick so it's easy to do so. My partner and I just store the dough balls in the fridge and cook tortilla's on demand in about 3mins.... Great for lunch snacks.