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Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Couple You Watch

I started attending a class, Drugs, Alcohol, & Tobacco, in college. It was to be an easy A, and help get me towards the degree I was working on. I went in, as per usual, on the first day. I wasn’t wearing anything spectacular, jeans and a hoodie.
I had a boyfriend at the time, Matt. I knew I wasn’t in a forever relationship, and was okay with that. I logged onto Myspace a few days later and had a new friend request. I was (and really, still am not) in the habit of approving those that I do not know. I didn’t know this person, but his profile and picture intrigued me. So, I waited on approving this guy and started messaging. His name was Andrew and he recognized me from class.
We began talking, I eventually approved him. He began to ask to “meet me”-sure he had seen me in class each day, but we never talked. I informed him I was with someone, and we met anyhow. The day we met, after class, I wound up sitting with him about 7 hours on the campus in the most god-awful seats. We talked and talked until we realized it was growing dark out. I had called into work with “car trouble” because I was enjoying myself. From then on, we began to hang out a lot. We’d go to lunch…we’d watch movies on his laptop, in the student lounge. It was great.
One day, Matt decided he was jealous and that Andrew was after me for a relationship. He told Andrew he couldn’t talk to me. Andrew and I were devastated. However, for some unknown reason, I didn’t leave Matt. At least not for a few months.
Time went on. I left Matt for another ex, who I still loved, though we were volatile for one another. I have since decided I went back because I never got closure for that relationship. Despite being volatile, we were together for about a year and a half. At that point, I realized that this man was not good for me. He was mentally abusive, blaming his depression on me, drinking while I worked full time and went to school with more than just full time credits on my plate. I couldn’t so much as buy myself a notebook for school without feeling guilty as to him not getting anything. So, despite not truly having anywhere to go, I left. I spent a long 3 months with my belongings in storage and my body sleeping on friends’ couches. This started the end of one August.
The following November, Andrew and I reunited when I messaged him on Myspace. Quickly, we wound up together. Having no place else to comfortably live, I moved in with him and his roommate mid December. I was no longer in school due to my circumstances. I cooked for the boys and cleaned when I couldn’t pay my way through.
Next thing we knew, I was pregnant. Whoops. And so began the next journey of our lives.

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