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Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm so sorry!

I want to start out by apologizing. I rarely check the email that is connected to this blog, so I didn't know I had new comments! Thank you to everyone who commented! I am intending to work my way through and post some replies within the next day or so. Those of you who also know the joys of parenting a young toddler also may remember that sometimes it's not easy to do something like blogging and watch her at the same time. She's been oddly mischevious this round of teething as well, which doesn't help.

It has been one of those weeks that being frugal is difficult! On Monday afternoon, my husband called our brother in law to come over and help with some things in my daughter's room. First, we had to move my great grandmother's vanity somewhere storage like. This is a large piece and my home just really isn't that large. Honestly? It's a piece that if I were to never have children, I would think about getting rid of, but I'm hoping that by the time my daughter is a teen, we'll be in a place that offers her a larger bedroom than 6'x8' so that if she chooses to be the type of girl who wears make up, she has a lovely place to put it on.

So, they moved it out to the shed and began to replace the dryer hose that we accidentally tore when we put the vanity into her closet! The hose we bought was too short, but the next one up was twice the price and longer than the width of our home, so my brother in law cleaned the old hose and patched a good part of it together with the new hose and hooked them up! Frugal tip-if possible use parts of the old to help with the new. We had tried taping it, but the tape wouldn't stay stuck.

By the time they were done, it was my daughter's bedtime.

Day two, they began to install shelves into her closet. She has a huge closet-8' long. Our kitchen has very little storage, and we live in a cold climate so storing food out in the mud porch or anywhere else isn't the greatest option for us. We installed the inexpensive shelves into her closet so that I have somewhere to put my canned goods this next harvest season.

As my previous post on Home Improvements noted, my brother in law accidentally drilled right through the water line. We spent the night without water and the next day, my brother in law fixed it up at his cost. On day 3, he finally finished the shelves!

I have promised my husband a break from my 'ideas'.

However, in total, the project was inexpensive for us.

Shelving: 2 6 ft pieces of wood cut into 2 foot lengths by Lowe's: $10
Brackets: 12 brackets @ $0.50 each: $6
Screws: 36 short screws (we had the ones for the wall salvaged from other projects): $2
Dryer Hose: $9

Technically, I fed my brother in law too, but I would have had to use the food anyhow, it was about to go bad.

So, $27 for all that...not too shabby.

What is your favorite frugal home improvement?

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